Lightful’s Digital Bootcamp - helping nonprofits create their first digital strategy

Jaime Steers
Partnerships Manager
22 Jun 2022

111 diverse nonprofits from 44 countries took part in Lightful’s free Digital Bootcamp to create their first digital strategy - we’re so excited to share with you what they learned and free resources for your charity.

In May, we launched our first free Digital Bootcamp aimed at supporting organisations to create or refine their first digital strategy, help better identify, engage and grow their supporters and funders - all whilst increasing their confidence in using digital.

We are so pleased with the results of Digital Bootcamp which found that 97% of all participants now have a better understanding of what they need to do to take their goals forward after two weeks.

Because of this, we want to share some of the materials we used on how to create your first, or refine, your digital strategy. Please find Lightful’s Digital Strategy Canvas here as a free open resource for your organisation to download and use to help build your digital strategy.

Download our Digital Strategy Canvas

About the bootcamp

Organisations from Afghanistan to Venezuela joined us for our two week virtual bootcamp. These changemakers are working across a huge breadth of focus areas - from arts and culture, disaster relief, women and girls, and peace building, to name just a few. Together, these organisations formed a strong network of nonprofits, all with a similar mission to strengthen their digital skills and future-proof their organisation.

“Our fundraising activities really suffered the past two years due to the restrictions of COVID-19, we had to cancel all our activities as they involved physical meetings and we couldn't serve the girls as we had wanted. With that being said we are keen to learn creative ways we can raise funds digitally” Botswana Organization for Sisters Empowering Junior Associates

The Digital Bootcamp focused on the foundation of our BRIDGE programme - digital strategy - and provided nonprofits with a strong starting point from which to integrate digital into their ways of working and understand how digital can help them reach different audience personas.

Participants were all nominated through a network of 26 incredible funders, including Malala Foundation, Obama Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Amplify Change, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the Global Fund for Children.

Supported by Lightful’s in-house experts, we used a combination of live masterclasses and group strategy sessions. Participants also had access to on-demand, bitesize learning content through our e-learning platform, Lightful Academy. Offering variety ensures that we are catering to different learning styles and helps to maximise the benefits of joining the programme and generate better results.

Measuring the impact

We were blown away by the results and the feedback that we received from these inspirational nonprofits:

  • 97% of all participants told us they have a better understanding of what they need to do to take their goals forward after two weeks of Digital Bootcamp
  • 85% of all participants  now feel more confident in their ability to create a digital strategy
  • 100% of participants would be interested in further digital training from Lightful

One of the most important takeaways for us at Lightful has been confirmation that nonprofits from across the world are both interested and calling out for digital capacity building support:

“Taking part in the Bootcamp meant not only raising our knowledge and capacity, but also helping the whole sector” Civic Alliance - Latvia
“It was an amazing experience that sparked a lot of questions regarding what we do, how we do it and how we communicate as well. Pumulo and Róisín, as well as the rest of the Lightful team, were great and always available to answer questions/ concerns.” RACI, Argentina
“The relevance of such Bootcamp to the work we do cannot be overemphasised as it enlightened and broadened my horizon on the various topics of the bootcamp” Women Against Violence and Exploitation in Society, Sierra Leone

Thank you to all of the incredible organisations that took part - we loved getting to know you and the amazing causes you support! We are delighted to be sharing our impact video above, highlighting what we did, and what we learned during the Digital Bootcamp.


It’s been four years since Lightful first began our flagship digital learning programme, BRIDGE - a six month, high impact virtual learning initiative for nonprofits which gives them the knowledge and skills to transform their organisation. Since then, over 2,000 nonprofits from over 75 countries have broadened their digital skills, launched inspiring campaigns, grown their audience, raised more vital funds and built resilience in their organisations.

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