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BRIDGE helps to create a more resilient nonprofit sector

Lightful takes a two-pronged approach; we help nonprofits master digital through structured learning, and these programmes enable donors to maximise the impact of their philanthropy and investments

Challenges faced by the nonprofit sector

Challenges faced by the nonprofit sector

Digital can support increased fundraising, audience growth and engagement but small and medium sized nonprofits don’t have the time or expertise to capitalise on this.

Philanthropists, Trusts & Foundations and Government agencies want to do more than give out money, they want to maximise the impact of their philanthropy and investments.

Through purpose-built learning programmes we support nonprofits to become more resilient and powerful by providing them with the skills and tools to develop digital strategies, engage and grow their audiences and raise more money online.

DRAFT Nonprofit challenges

Nonprofits tell us...

...I worry that we’re too reliant on several key sources of funding - if one dried up, we’d be in trouble...

...We had no strategy in place to start using digital - so when lockdown prevented us from running fundraising events, we didn’t know what to do...

...Covid -19 nearly shut us down - if we hadn’t received flexible emergency funding we’d have had to close our doors. We really need to diversify our income!..

DRAFT How donors want to help

Donors tell us...

...The time of transactional grant-making is over, it’s important we foster sustainability and resilience in the organisations we support...

...Our partners are demanding more training on core functions such as communications and fundraising...

...The time of transactional grant-making is over, it’s important we foster sustainability and resilience in the organisations we support...

A proven solution

Building Resilience in Digital Growth and Engagement (BRIDGE) is Lightful’s high impact learning programme for nonprofits.

Lightful works with funders including philanthropists, foundations, companies and governments to support nonprofits to diversitfy their income and transform their resilience. Through the BRIDGE programme, participating organisations develop:

  • Digital strategies

  • Audience development and engagement techniques

  • Online fundraising capabilities

We refine and contextualise the programme, collaborating with funding partners and participating organisations to ensure that their BRIDGE programme focuses on their particular cause areas or geographies.

How BRIDGE works

Four steps to resilience with BRIDGE

Through the BRIDGE programme participants learn how to:

  • Run effective digital campaigns using social media, websites, and email marketing to build genuine and long-lasting relationships with their donors that increase their fundraising capacity.

  • Co-design, plan, launch and measure awareness-raising campaigns with Lightful on-hand to offer support and guidance.

  • Become expert digital storytellers and take their supporters on an emotional journey, building trust so stakeholders feel connected to their cause.

  • Design and implement an approach to digital that supports their organisation’s mission, leading to increased audience reach and funds raised.

BRIDGE impact

BRIDGE has had a transformational impact on thousands of nonprofits across 80 countries. The programme has facilitated millions in new philanthropic donations and engaged tens of thousands of individuals with good causes. In fact, more than 90% of BRIDGE participants met or exceeded their fundraising targets and/or communication-related goals while on the programme.

The average BRIDGE course runs for six months. The benefits of the course, however, last well beyond its initial duration: 90% of participants report that the lessons learned and connections made during BRIDGE will continue to impact their organisation for years after graduation.

BRIDGE is a tried and tested, results-oriented programme. It builds participants’ resilience by supporting them to be more strategic and tactical online fundraisers. It also makes them more adept at communicating their mission and work across the digital landscape. Ultimately BRIDGE enables nonprofits to better engage with the people and organisations that matter most to them.

testimonial - Galway Rape Crisis Centre

Susan Costello
Fundraising & Communications Manager at Galway Rape Crisis Centre

Participation in BRIDGE has positively impacted Galway Rape Crisis Centre in several ways. It has helped us create more engaging social media content, resulting in increased audience engagement and improved brand awareness. Moreover, our relationship with end-users and beneficiaries has been strengthened through tailored content, helping to foster a supportive online community. Overall, BRIDGE has made a significant contribution in enhancing our organisation's social media presence thereby strengthening our ability to support survivors of sexual violence.

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