Five of the best charity Christmas campaigns in 2018

Kirsty Marrins
Digital communications specialist
10 Dec 2018

It’s that time of the year when lots of charities run campaigns to raise awareness and/or funds for their cause. Christmas is one of the most important times of the year for charities to fundraise but it’s also a really crowded space. Last year you loved our Five of our favourite charity Christmas campaigns post so we’ve done one for 2018! Here are five Christmas campaigns that stood out.


When I was a kid, I adored reading (and still do!) so I absolutely love this campaign by BookTrust to send a festive book parcel to a child who is vulnerable or in care. It’s a really tangible ask and for only £10 you know that your donation could make a real difference to a child – helping them discover a love for books.

Action for Happiness

Who doesn’t love Action for Happiness’s monthly calendars? Whilst this isn’t a standalone Christmas campaign necessarily, we love how they encourage people to spread a little kindness over the festive season – especially on day 2, where they encourage people to support a charity or cause that’s close to their heart.


We all know that mindfulness is good for our mental health and doing something like making crafts not only helps with reducing stress and anxiety but can help you make new connections too. This year Mind ran a fundraising campaign called Crafternoon where they asked people to organise an afternoon of crafting with their friends, whilst raising money for Mind.


1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence at some time in their life. When you think of Christmas, you think of happy times spent with loved ones but sadly domestic violence increases by 45% over the festive period. Refuge’s Christmas campaign looks like three lovely Christmas poems – until you read them from the bottom up. Powerful stuff.

Small Charities Coalition

Small charities make up 97% of the sector and are vital to their communities. Yet, when it comes to Christmas, people often support big charities because they’re able to send out direct mail, create slick videos or tv ads and have actually planned Christmas campaigns months in advance! So Small Charities Coalition called upon their members to submit short videos, filmed on their phones, to show the breadth of their work, their dedicated volunteers, staff and more. They then edited all the videos into a Christmas advert, to encourage people to donate to a local charity this Christmas. Isn’t it wonderful?

Christmas content doesn’t need to be expensive to create – but it does require some planning. We hope these five campaigns will inspire you to come up with something that will stand out in 2019!

Are there any other Christmas campaigns we should know about? Tweet us at @Lightful!

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