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Reclaim Social Podcast S02E02 – Mental Health Collective

The second episode for S02 of the Reclaim Social Podcast is now live! 🎉

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
27 Jul 2020
As A Charity It’s Ok To Communicate Vulnerability and Emotion

Last week a good friend posted something unusual on Facebook. Buried among all the celebratory, self-congratulatory and yes, life-affirming content, he had written about feeling lonely following a move from London to Cape Town. Rarely do we see such honest expressions of vulnerability and emotion in the competitive ‘my life is amazing’ world of social media. I admired his ability to be openly vulnerable and reach out for support, and obviously others did too as his post provoked several supportive responses from friends.

Jeremy Wickremer
30 Aug 2017

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