12 people and organisations spreading positivity on social

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
04 Feb 2020

To warm up for #ReclaimSocial this Thursday 6 February, we asked some people in the sector who they think does a great job at spreading positivity on social media. Read who the twelve individuals and organisations are who inspire them and who are doing great work helping to make social a better place.

Matt Collins

MD, Platypus Digital and co-founder of Social CEOs

Richard Herring

Richard devotes every International Men’s Day to facing down trolls and raising huge amounts of money for Refuge. He’s raised hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years for a great cause.


They do great work and share a lot of good graphics with useful information for their audience. They also have a mix of bold campaigning stances, especially after Boris’s comments on single parents.

Zoe Amar

Director, Zoe Amar Digital and co-founder of Social CEOs

Michelle Hill

Michelle is always so positive, even when she is tackling challenging tasks like setting her charity’s strategy or uniting colleagues behind the change. I know how incredibly hard she works but she never takes herself too seriously, whilst being incredibly passionate about her organisation. All of this comes through loud and clear on Twitter. She is also great at talking to people online and despite being super busy always makes time to encourage, support and spread cheer.

Mental Health First Aid England

It’s inspiring how they’re using social media to change the conversation around mental health. Whether it’s through challenging taboos, practical advice on self-care or sharing online tools which help people understand their mental health better, their social media is inspiring and engaging.

Nikki Bell

International Fundraising Freelancer

Charity so white

I love social media and its ability to expand my worldview and connect me to ideas and challenges beyond my every day. Immediately I think of @CharitySoWhite on Twitter. Their campaign and team teach me so much about inclusion in the charity sector, and reading the threads and discussions helps me keep in mind good decisions and ways to work to create more diverse activities.

Josh Leigh

Josh Leigh is an Instagram favourite. His Stories cover everything from the climate emergency to fundraising campaigns, and I love how he constantly tags, uplifts and promotes others.

Jen Lowthrop

Agile digital consultant and Happiness Trainer at Feel Good Do Good

Emily Coxhead

Emily is the founder of The Happy Newspaper and I love her infectious smile, positivity and honesty on Instagram. She shares her happy quotes and writings with beautiful graphics as well as colourful photos of her life. Her funny faces in every Instagram story shows she doesn’t take life too seriously and makes me want to find the fun in the everyday!


Dogs Trust

Any account that features fun pictures of dogs is sure to make me happy every time! Though they have some sad stories about dogs that need help, they also have a bit of fun with their posts, most recently getting involved in the viral #DollyPartonChallenge.

Madeleine Sugden

Digital Impact Consultant

Sarah Clarke

Sarah of CharityComms constantly shares useful and interesting reads from a wide range of sources about digital comms. Her tweets are bright, colourful and fun. Follow her if you don’t already!

The 2 minute Foundation

@2minbeachclean is a campaign from The 2 minute Foundation which encourages anyone visiting a beach to spend 2 minutes picking up rubbish. Their tweets take me off to wind-swept places and show me the weird and wonderful things that people find. There is the occasional dog picture too. As a family, we have been inspired to pick things up from beaches and countryside because of them.

Kirsty Marrins

Copywriter and content specialist


Megan is just a breath of fresh air in a society that places so much emphasis and value on the way people look. I love how she is unashamedly just herself and that she actively encourages people to love themselves as they are.


Action for Happiness

They do what they say on the tin! Their monthly calendars are so good and help us all to spread kindness and happiness every day of the month, through small actions. They describe themselves as a ‘movement of people building a happier society by making positive changes in their personal lives, homes, schools, workplaces and local communities.’ and they absolutely practice what they preach

Beth Kanter

Nonprofit expert, Author, Master Trainer

Amy Sample Ward, CEO, NTEN

NTEN shares an amazing story about the power of technology for nonprofits and spearheads different initiatives to help the sector.

Nominate your heroes of positivity to #ReclaimSocial

We all know someone who is making our social media feeds more inspiring. We want your help to discover more ‘heroes of positivity’ who #ReclaimSocial for good. Join us on Thursday and nominate your heroes of positivity:

  • Mention five (or more!) people who have inspired you, had an amazing impact on you or simply make your newsfeed more positive.
  • Help others create a more positive feed by including the hashtag #ReclaimSocial.

Spreading positivity on social shouldn’t be complicated. Let’s do this!

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