Social media round-up for charities – #11

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
04 Feb 2019

Welcome to our 11th social media round-up. We’ve scoured the internet to find, and curate, the latest social media news – and what it means for your charity.

1. Twitter launches new image editing features

Twitter has released an update that allows you to edit images on desktop easily. You can now crop, resize and zoom-in on the image. If you have the Twitter app on your phone, this just mirrors those features for desktop. You can access the features by clicking on the paintbrush icon at the bottom right of the uploaded image. Whilst not revolutionary, this will help social media managers save time whilst at work, without having to use their phone to crop or resize images.

2. Twitter is testing new features

In a bid to make their platform more conversational, Twitter is testing out new features that are designed to start conversations. They’re testing out features such as status updates and ice-breakers as well as updating their Events Pages to let you know how many people are tweeting about an event in real time. They’re also looking at how threads can be improved visually as sometimes when there are lots of conversations happening on one thread, it can look quite messy and be hard to follow. This will definitely be useful for charities, particularly at mass events, conferences or during crisis comms.

3. Instagram looks to launch a Quiz sticker

Instagram Stories are a great way to boost engagement and to find new followers if you use features such as location, gifs or hashtags. Instagram is testing a Quiz feature, which will be a fun addition to the platform. If you already run a Charity Quiz, then you could use this feature as a way to advertise it and spark interest. If could also be used around anniversaries to quiz your followers on the history of your charity or even around the launch of your annual report where you could quiz people on the impact you made that year. So many options!

4. Instagram adds Alt Text option to images

The photo-sharing platform, Instagram, has finally launched a feature to allow people to add Alt Text to their photos. This means that people with visual impairments, who use screen readers, can hear what the photo is about. For a social media platform that’s all about visuals, it’s surprising it’s taken this long for this feature to be added.

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Digital Engagement Manager
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Digital Engagement Manager
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