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Social media round-up for charities – #16

Welcome to our 16th social media round-up (we can’t believe it’s already number 16 – where does the time go?). We know how hard it is to keep up with all the changes and new features in the world of social media, so we do the hard work for you. Here’s the latest social media news and what it means for your cause.

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
26 Jul 2019
Charities winning at Pinterest

This blog post comes with a caveat. Whilst the heading implies that the charities below are ‘winning’ at Pinterest – meaning they are using it successfully – they are and they aren’t. Keep reading and I’ll explain why…

Kirsty Marrins
Digital communications specialist
08 May 2018
How charities can use the power of visual content in social media

A quick look at the most popular social platforms shows that social media has become more visual through the years. As it becomes harder to stand out on news feeds, images and video can help you create more appealing content.

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
06 Mar 2018

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