Social media round-up Q2 2020 | Webinar Recording

Tereza Litsa
Digital Engagement Manager
12 May 2020

So many things have changed over the last three months. Social media companies are trying to adjust to a new world that we are spending more time on our screens.

We’ve delivered a free webinar last week for our social media round-up and you can catch up with the recording below.

Here are the key changes in social media and what they mean for your charity.

People are spending more time on social media

We were all assuming that people spend more time on social media. Now we have the proof. According to Nielsen’s data, U.S. adults are now spending 25% of their mobile time on social media. This is a 5% increase from the first months of 2020 until early March.

This is important to consider it when planning digital campaigns. As people spend more time on social media, there is an opportunity and a challenge.

You can reach them where they spend the most time. But you may also encounter a growing competition in grabbing your audience’s attention. Thus, your content should be interesting and relevant to your target audience. Knowing your personas (or updating them) can be very useful right now.

Facebook is introducing a rival to Zoom

We’ve talked a few weeks ago about Zoom and how to make the most of it with lots of tips and resources. It’s not the only way to stay in touch with your team though. Facebook is introducing Messenger Rooms to compete with Zoom.

There are new features coming up on Messenger and you can video chat with up to 50 people. You can even create sub-rooms and have virtual backgrounds!

It’s a big advantage that it’s free and that there is no time limit. It can be a useful addition if your audience is already familiar with Facebook apps instead of getting them to know a new video platform.

Useful additions to Facebook Live

Facebook is introducing the option to go live with other users. Live streaming with multiple hosts can be very engaging as it can make the video more interesting. It is also a great opportunity to improve your virtual events and get the team together in a more engaging way.

There is also an option coming up to let you charge for your Live events. You can make your content more exclusive while raising money for your cause.

Moreover, you can now add a donate button to your live videos, which is a great opportunity for your charity to raise vital funds as part of live streaming.

Last but not least, Facebook is allowing people to join live streaming without video to make the content accessible to those who have Internet connection problems. You can read more about Facebook’s recent updates and what they mean for your charity here.

LinkedIn launches polls and virtual events features

LinkedIn have decided to (re)introduce two interesting features.

Polls are back on LinkedIn after a testing phase a few years ago. You can now create your own polls to engage your supporters and keep them live from 24 hours to two weeks.

Another interesting feature is LinkedIn Virtual Events, a combination of two products, LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn Live is a live broadcasting tool that was already in the plan but their product roadmap had to be accelerated after everyone quickly jumped into the trend of live streaming. For now, it is available through an integration with third-party broadcasting partners to ensure that the quality is high.

According to LinkedIn, Live videos have 23x more comments per post and 6x more reactions compared to a simple video.

LinkedIn Events are also helping you to deepen the engagement with your supporters in a time that it’s vital to succeed in virtual tactics.

Instagram Live becomes easier

Good news! You can now watch Instagram live videos through your desktop. Instagram is finally more accessible through the desktop to open up new opportunities for brands, influencers, charities that want to reach their audience in multiple screens.

It’s different watching a Live video on your phone with watching a video on your laptop’s screen. It could be a great way to tap into the growing user base on Instagram without limiting your videos to a small phone screen.

TikTok launches Donation Stickers

TikTok is on the rise and it’s steadily more appealing for charities. It has now started testing the idea of having in-app donation stickers that you can add on your videos and live streams.

It’s not just about improving your engagement anymore but you can soon reach a younger audience that could be interested in your cause.

The donation sticker is now available for the British Red Cross and Help Musicians but we are expecting it to see it rolling out to more charities soon.

LinkedIn launches course on wellbeing and mental health

LinkedIn have noticed an increase in the number of people watching mindfulness and stress management courses on LinkedIn Learning the last couple of months. That’s why they’ve decided to launch 6 new courses to help you:

  • Cultivate mindfulness practices to increase focus, remain grounded in change and ambiguity, and manage emotional triggers
  • Understand the impact of a mindful physical workspace and how to create one
  • Manage stress and get ‘unstuck’ when you’re overwhelmed
  • Build up your energy reserves so you can show up the way you want to with colleagues and loved ones

Watch the webinar recording

For more details on all the updates, you can watch our webinar recording.

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