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Kirsty Marrins
Digital communications specialist
23 Nov 2018

There’s an ancient proverb that says,

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

As a charity, you need to do a combination of all three of these: you need to explain the need (substantiated with facts), you need to be transparent (truthful) and you need to bring your cause to life through stories. That way you’ll win both hearts and minds.

Your charity has so many stories to tell

No doubt your charity was started by passionate people with a personal connection to your cause. What’s their story? How about those you support? No doubt there are countless stories just waiting to be told. What about your volunteers? What’s their story? Why do they support you? Look for a story and you’ll find it.

Storytelling should be embedded in your organisation

When it comes to social media, sometimes the storytelling element of your campaign can be overlooked or, at best, it’s an afterthought. This means that you’re not taking your supporters on a journey and you’re likely to be unsuccessful at getting them to take up your call to action.

Using Lightful’s Story Builder

Story Builder is part of Lightful’s social media platform and it is designed to help you plan your campaigns around a story – to make them more effective and to help them reach more people.

There are different templates based on the type of story you want to tell and they are frequently updated throughout the year to provide you with the best resources to save time while telling more effective stories.

Social media can help you build long-term relationships with your supporters and engaging stories can be the key to success. You can even find the posts that work better based on the channel or the type of post.

More importantly, it will inspire people to take action – whether that’s signing a petition, watching a video or donating to your Christmas appeal. And best of all? There’s a supporter journey built-in.

You can also quickly review the success of your campaigns through Analytics to understand their performance compared to the rest of your posts. No more confusion on the types of posts that work better and the campaigns that were more successful.

Did you know: 56% of people who support charities and nonprofits on social confirm that compelling storytelling is what motivates them to take action on behalf of the organisations.

Every template is guiding you through a series of posts that could make a good story, from the structure of the story to the examples of posts that could work well. There are also suggested days and times to make your planning easier.

All you need is to update the details that would make a successful and relevant story for your organisation, and you’re ready!

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